Talent, is an intellectual property agency with head offices at the São Paulo City and, it is able to offer you all services hold on by this area with efficiency, quickly and quality.As from the search for viability of a trademark to the record of a license agreement of trademarks and patents, we are able to attend you or your firm. We have a professional team which is able to assist you, in order to you have your trademark, patent, industrial design registered here in Brazil, such as in abroad. We have also a correspondent team in several countries, in order to assist us and to inform us about the intellectual property legislation in each country of your interest. Furthermore, we have a professional team that act in defense of your interests, focusing at the market and keeping watching the trademarks, patents or industrial designs that are copying, imitating or reproducing undue your granted rights. All these services by a just and low price. Entrust your intellectual property rights to the Talent. and, we will be able to assist you or your firm in Brazil and in abroad. We are acting also in:

  • U.S.A.
  • European community
  • Argentina
  • Chile